Dispensers & Crackers

Dispensers and crackers are tools used with nitrous oxide cream chargers, commonly in the preparation of whipped cream, or occasionally misused for recreational purposes.

A dispenser is a device designed for the purpose of utilizing cream chargers in a culinary setting. They are often made of metal and will have a space to insert the cream charger, as well as a compartment to hold the cream. Once the cream charger is punctured, the nitrous oxide gas is released and mixes with the cream. When the dispenser’s lever is pressed, it releases this mixture as whipped cream.

A “cracker” on the other hand is a small, simple device designed to safely open nitrous oxide chargers, releasing the gas inside. These devices are commonly misused for recreational purposes to inhale nitrous oxide, which can be dangerous.

Please note that misuse of nitrous oxide can lead to serious health risks including oxygen deprivation, nerve damage, and in severe cases, death. It’s also worth noting that recreational use of nitrous oxide may be illegal in some jurisdictions.

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